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Vegetable harvesters

EUROPA macchine agricole offers a large range of vegetable harvesters on top of the class for productivity and costs/proceeds ratio. Planned to guarantee fast working cycles, precise controls, maximum trust and maintenance simplicity, our harvesters boast a professional technical assistance and an efficient spare part service that ever assure them full operativity.


Developed by the advises of the customers all around the world, EUROPA machines, on account of the high specialization are able to satisfy all the specific needs of every customer, from fresh market to canning industry. EUROPA offers in fact an accessories and equipments range and a customizing possibility that has no alike.


If productivity ed efficiency are your needs, EUROPA harvesters are the right answer. On account of the high technology and the refined EVO-C Plus electronic managed hydraulic, our machines assure exceptional performances, safety, efficiency and environment protection, because combines innovative technologies with deeply tested, strong and rational mechanical solutions.